Product Range

In order to supply localised dust extraction solutions for different types of plants and in all industrial sectors, NETCO offers a wide range of extraction and filtration units; from small units with a capacity of 1.5 kW up to large extraction units with a capacity of 20 kW.
The careful selection of suppliers and ongoing analysis of technologies available on the market allows NETCO to offer not only extraction performance but also a high level of reliability and durability (up to 20,000 hours without maintenance).

NETCO’s objective is to offer both complete and independent systems (fixed or mobile) for one or two workstations, and centralised extraction plants for large workspaces, in a wide range of industrial applications.

The availability of different versions of connection terminals (for wall-mounting, recessed, designed for suspension or with flexible arms) guarantees that the client will receive an ad hoc solution, made-to-measure according to the type of workplace and the application.


The wide range of power capacities is managed using integrated electronic control systems or inverters. The perfect integration and adjustment of these solutions to extraction technologies allows for maximum performance combined with the possibility of unprecedented efficiency and energy savings.

Automatic solutions for the management of the system’s parameters, combined with simple, user-friendly control interfaces, allow the client to use all the functions easily and intuitively.


Filtering elements, electronic management systems and high depression extractor pumps are just a few of the components selected by NETCO on the basis of high quality, efficiency and reliability.

The filters selected and precisely adjusted by NETCO ensure compliance with the most stringent filtration standards (for example the EN 60335-2-69 directive) and the possibility to achieve high levels of filtering efficiency: up to 99.9% with particles of 0.3 microns.

At the same time they guarantee excellent safety and protection in the workplace, for instance in the case of the extraction of potentially explosive ambient dust; thus complying with ATEX directives.  

NETCO’s aim is to create products for intensive use, which can provide optimal and long-lasting performance in dust extraction and filtration.

Research and development

NETCO continually invests in research and development, with the aim of improving the characteristics and function of its products.

The product characteristics and performance are maintained and fully reliable over time thanks to the use of control and monitoring systems for the units.

Systems for the automatic cleaning of filter cartridges, sensors to monitor the status of filters, solutions for the remote control of the extraction unit and to give maximum energy savings: these are just some of the features and technologies designed and used in NETCO products.

Indeed, it is only thanks to real-time monitoring of the plant’s parameters that continued protection can be assured in the workplace, with the efficient filtration of the extracted dust.


NETCO’s engineering skills are also at clients’ disposal for the analysis of various specific requirements and regulations for particular workplaces or for the treatment of types of dust which carry additional risk for worker safety. These include workplaces with potentially explosive particles (ATEX directives).