The Company



NETCO srl is an Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of installations and systems for the localised extraction of dust and residual materials deriving from industrial processes. For more than 30 years, NETCO’s reliability and attention to the client has allowed it to acquire the know-how needed for the planning and development of dedicated solutions, designed ad hoc on the request of clients from all over the world, while retaining all the care and passion of a Made in Italy product.
The product range allows the firm to meet diverse criteria, from small-scale installations of localised extraction (either fixed or mobile), to large dust extraction plants for industrial use.


NETCO’s design process begins by listening to the client and carrying out an in-depth analysis of their needs.
A team of specialised engineers and technicians works closely with the client to come up with the project which will provide the best possible solution. The main objectives of NETCO engineers are to optimise the efficiency of the production process and improve the health and safety of workers.
Many years of experience gained on the ground in various sectors, and the know-how acquired along the way, are the tools at the clients’ disposal to supply innovative solutions.

NETCO’s role is to guide the client to identify and define the product types and models most appropriate to meet their requirements. To plan the layout of the extraction system together, taking into account existing limitations and the specific dimensions necessary to ensure optimum performance.


NETCO’s aim is not only to supply the highest standards in terms of performance and reliability, but also to provide its clients with solutions which are concrete examples of “Made in Italy” quality. Thanks to an entirely Italian production process using materials and components from major world suppliers, where every individual item is checked and monitored, NETCO guarantees the highest level of quality for clients.
NETCO’s objective is to combine research and technological innovation with the needs of the user, who demands a simple product which is easy to install and use.



Supporting the client from beginning to end, starting with an analysis of the project and finishing with its installation and checking its correct functioning.
NETCO offers support and know-how at every phase, before and after sales, so that the solution installed completely satisfies the criteria specified.

Design and Innovation

Extreme attention to DESIGN,  in the Italian artisan tradition, is the perfect complement to the practical know-how of technology and innovation which NETCO brings to its solutions. Constant research and development of new technologies and updating to the latest legal standards has allowed NETCO to achieve maximum quality in its products, particularly in the following aspects:

Efficient extraction of dust and residual materials produced by industrial processes, to optimise time and efficiency in the production cycle and obtain a consequent reduction in waste and operating costs.

Energy-saving systems to optimise the extraction system’s power and energy use according to the required operational capacity of extraction.

Safeguarding health thanks to the use of high quality and efficient filtering materials, suitable for filtering fine dust even in challenging industrial conditions.

Reduced maintenance achieved thanks to the use of components selected on the basis of the highest quality standards, to ensure maximum reliability of the system, even in the case of continual use.

Silent, safe functioning, to reduce noise levels to a minimum in the workplace and provide a high degree of protection to workers in terms of safety.